• Timer-R DIGITAL TIMER with 1 second timing

Timer-R DIGITAL TIMER with 1 second timing

Timer-R DIGITAL TIMER with 1 second timing is a 10 amp timer with 30amp relay switch.  EASY TO USE SECOND TIMER, MINUTES OR SECONDS.  Heavy duty digital timers can be used for switching lighting systems, ventilation, irrigation and more.

The Timer-R digital timer has a large easy to read screen, a grow room friendly green back lit screen and an easy to use cross button for programming.   It operates like a normal timer but has a multitude of other options for controlled switching that go down to one second intervals if needed. If you want to run a fan/pump with different settings at night, or you want to dispense CO2 using precise dosing at particular times throughout the day, the Time-R has you covered.

Time-R Digital Timer has 3 Modes

Timed Mode:
Set precise on and off times, up to 15 times a day

Repeat Mode:
Turn your equipment on and off, repeating at regular set intervals, min. from 1 sec and up to 99 hrs

Combined Mode:
Using this mode allows you to run your equipment on and off repeatedly at set intervals throughout a 24-hour period. Maximum 3 group settings




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