GT Clonex Rooting Gel

GT Clonex Rooting Gel

GT Clonex Rooting Gel is used for propagation of stem cuttings, with a blend of IBA, anti-microbial agents, vitamins and minerals.

This fantastic product puts roots on your plant cuttings which is vital. Indole butyric acid (also known as IBA) is a plant hormone that is responsible for root initiation and growth and is the active ingredient in Clonex.

Types of Cuttings GT Clonex Rooting Gel suits: herbaceous cuttings from non woody herbaceous plants, softwood cuttings from material taken from soft and flexible young wood from current years growth, semi-hardwood cuttings from partially mature wood from the current years growth and hardwood cuttings from mature wood from previous years growth that does not bend easily.

Benefits of Clonex: increased strike rate from the gel holding the active ingredient against the plant tissue, higher safety levels for workers since they are not breathing in talc and hormones and the gel seals the cut and stops air embolisms in the plants vascular tissue preventing wilting of the cutting

How far does a bottle of GT Clonex Rooting Gel go? This depends on the diameter of the cutting and the depth to which the cutting is dipped, but the grower should expect several thousand cuttings per litres of Clonex.