Bio Diesel Crystal Clear Coco Flush

Bio Diesel Crystal Clear Coco Flush releases the bonded mineral salts and the coco fibre that helps make nutrients mobile again. It also removes the taste of the presence of fertilisers and unwanted chemicals from the finished produce resulting in a sweeter, cleaner experience.

Bio Diesel Crystal Clear Coco Flush out mineral salts from coco fibres, increases sweetness and brix levels at the end of harvest, flushes minerals from plant reserves and helps to clear nutrient pathways and protect against mineral lockouts.

APPLICATION, FINAL FLUSH – LAST 7 DAYS: Use Crystal Clear at 5ml per Litre of water. Water plants every day until end of harvest for sweeter cleaner produce.

NUTRIENT CORRECTION:  Flush coco Fibre with 5ml per Litre of Crystal Clear, 20 LITRE POTS = 5L of solution, 50 LITRE POTS = 10L of solution.  After a couple of days return to half strength nutrient, then full strength after 1 week.  SWEETEST, CLEANEST FINISH!