• Hi-Par 600w 400v Ballast
  • Hi-Par 600w 400v Ballast
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Hi-Par 600w 400v Ballast

The Hi-Par 600w 400v Digital Ballast is the flagship product for powerful horticultural lighting!  High light efficiency & low power consumption, constant current start.  Cool running temperature.  End-of-lamp-life feature and intelligent random start software.

For over 12 months, Australian farmers have been enjoying the incredible growth and reliability that this ballast affords. These ballasts are engineered with durability and performance in mind.  Hi-Par are recognised for our incredibly high performance in both the hobby and commercial horticultural sectors.

The Hi-Par difference means that our digital technology uses Japanese capacitors rated for 10+ years of continual use, and our quality control is second-to-none. We provide the latest advances for digital start-up automation that safely and reliably ignites HID bulbs with minimal harmonic distortion. Hi-PAR is built tough, but truly engineered for the horticultural connoisseur.

The 600w 400v Digital Ballast can be easily integrated into any existing cultivation facility, it uses smart ignition software to recognise what type of lamp you are using and will provide the precise voltage required for optimum ignition and consistent running current.   Operates perfectly with Single-Ended or Double-Ended lamps.  Strikes 240v or 400v horticultural lamps with ease.  Will operate Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs.  Low harmonic/general harmonic THD<10%.


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