Can Max-Fan Pro Series

Can Max-Fan Pro Series is the second generation of Max-Fan. It is a diagonal fan, using the 3D rotor-stator system. This has been improved to be more efficient and more silent. Max-Fan Pro Series fans are the next generation of inline mixed-flow fans capable of stronger performance than the original Max-Fan.

These fans have a much more robust housing due to the fiberglass reinforced plastic compounds that meet all of the UL and CSA requirements. Can Max-Fan Pro Series have three control speeds for true performance, run quieter and come with the EZ Mount bracket for easy mounting.


  • Max-Fan Pro 150 150mm, 2 Speeds, 470 m³/h, 600 m³/h
  • Max-Fan Pro 200 200mm, 2 Speeds, 870 m³/h, 1220 m³/h
  • Max-Fan Pro 250 250mm, 2 Speeds, 1470 m³/h, 1660 m³/h
  • Max-Fan Pro 315 315mm, 3 Speeds, 2130 m³/h, 2770 m³/h, 3180 m³/h
  • Max-Fan Pro 400 400mm, 3 Speeds, 2620 m³/h, 2970 m³/h, 3300 m³/h