Mojo Cow PS1 Propagation System T5HO Kit include the T5 tubes which are CFL’s and perfect for seedlings, cuttings & vegetative Growth.


Screw to lock the light strip onto the spines, mount up to 4 light strips, Click & Lock spines & 30 secs assembling. The PS1 T5HO lighting kit provides you the flexibility to build your own T5 grow light system that meets your needs. The CLICK & LOCK SPINE allows you to configure up to 4x24w lighting system in different light colour combinations of your own choice. You can even build them in combinations of LED PS1 or Long click & lock spine; which allows you to configure up to 8 light strips.


T5HO 24w electronic ballast with built-in reflectors x 2, T5HO 24w fluorescent tube x 2, Nano reflective film x 2, 1 set of short click & lock spine, 3 pins 2m long cable, 3 pins 30cm long connection cable x 2 & Accessories.

Replacement globes can be purchased for $20 each.