• PRO GROW LED Model X Stand

PRO GROW LED Model X Stand

The Pro Grow 2ft Light Stand is designed to accommodate any 2 ft LED or fluorescent light baton. Can be used over any propagation box smaller than 620 mm wide and 600 mm high (including the light fixture). Includes a single point, height adjustable draw string with two hanging cords and hooks on each end.

The PRO GROW LED 60 W Model X LED single bar emits 140 1-1mol/s of 6,500 K vegetative spectrum with an industry leading CRI of 90. Coupled with ultra-reliable Optimum drivers, these lightweight bars offer cool, fanless & totally silent operation. Extended reliability is assured via IP-65 water resistant, cleanable, l 00° clear lenses that protect the diodes from high moisture environments. Compatible light stands are available if required.

• 60 W MODEL X 1 BAR
• Philips 6500 K Blue Diodes
• Sosen Driver
• LED Efficacy 2.4 µmol/J
• Total PPFD 140 µmol/s

These Grow Lights are plugged into mains electricity and give its brightest light to one square metre but would effectively provide enough light to grow plants over two square metres. It is set mainly in the blue light spectrum for maximum growth not red for flower production. They can be easily fixed to a roof or hung from our inexpensive light stand ($41.20). Multiple lights are easy.

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