SUPER N+ Cal + Mag , super nitrogen booster + CaMg is the ultimate vegetative stimulant from Plant Mechanics! Turbo-charge your fertiliser! SuperN+ is a complex formula of three types of Nitrogen, scientifically blended with the added bonus of Calcium and Magnesium.

SUPER N+ Cal + Mag is a ultra efficient super soluble liquid that will increase vegetative growth. It will speed and remedy common deficiencies in horticulture. A proprietary blend of macro elements required for healthy, lush, vigorous growth. SUPER N+ Cal + Mag is a perfect addition to all fertigation formulations and hydroponic programs.

To be used during the vegetative cycle to speed up growth. This product will allow your plants to hit maximum potential in a shorter period of time. Can be used in hydroponics with any substrate, or in soil cultivation with potent effect. This is a super nitrogen product.

For best usage Dilute SuperN+ into your reservoir a ratio of :

0.3mL per L for seedlings
0.5mL per L for vegetative
0.6mL per L for repair

Features: Total Nitrogen 12.5%, Ammonium Nitrogen 5.64%, Nitrate Nitrogen 6.36%, Amide Nitrogen 0.5%, Calcium 0.25%, Magnesium 0.5%, SPGC (Specific Gravity) 1.135 – 1.155