• Hydromino Floreate A&B

Hydromino Floreate A&B

HYDROMINO FLOREATE A&B is to be used in conjunction with perlite and japwool mediums, designed as a flowering formulation. This nutrient is suited for all plants sizes grown in all surroundings with enhanced growth conditions and/or CO2 enriched environs. In addition an antimicrobial surfactant is present. All of these components permit the user to have a lower than normal conductivity ppm/E.C/T.D.S (nutrient strength/concentration/salt level), therefore allowing higher levels of additives to be used while not exceeding a safe ppm/E.C/T.D.S. level which can cause over fertilisation, lock outs, stress etc. resulting in poor plant growth and overall results.  To your final volume of water, add equal parts of A & B. Floreate also contains higher concentrate of available potash.

Higher potash levels deliver the results you need!  A must have nutrient!


  • premium results
  • lower conductivity
  • utilises amino bonding technology

Sizes Available:  1L, 5L & 20L



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