• HI-Par 315 watt LEC Digital Ballast
SKU: HP0001

HI-Par 315 watt LEC Digital Ballast

The HI-PAR 315 WATT DIGITAL BALLAST is state of the art, highly-efficient electronic ballast which uses advanced components.  In tandem with the L.E.C. 315w lamps, these luminaires give far greater canopy light penetration than conventional 600w HPS kits.  This is achieved due to the lamps impressive 92% likeness to the sun’s spectral output (92% on the CRI Colour Rendering index).  These lamps give better spectrum and intensity of light, increase your quality and quantity!  If you want higher yields (essential oils, fruits and flowers) with lower running costs, you must consider the HI-PAR 315 WATT DIGITAL BALLAST with the L.E.C. 315w lamp.  This kit comes with an E40 (screw in) lamp adaptor.  This allows for the L.E.C. Lamp to be used in the customers current Reflector/Shade, absolutely brilliant and built to last!!

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