Flairform Announcement

GreenDream 2-part Grow & Bloom has now been replaced with a single A & B formula that runs from seed through to harvest. The Grow A&B recipe has been deleted and we now run the Bloom A&B formula from seed-to-harvest – it’s now simply called GreenDream A+B.

Flairform began to modify the Grow AB recipe in 2010 because certain growers were reporting that the GreenDream Bloom AB recipe was preferable for seeding and veg phase:

  1. Bloom AB’s higher PK levels induces better root growth
  2. Bloom AB has ample nitrate nitrogen for the vegetative phase (this is the key parameter that needed to be tried, tested and proven)
  3. Bloom AB provides much better pH stability and it runs cleaner.

IMPORTANTLY, by 2016 the grow and bloom recipes were identical HENCE current users of GreenDream Grow will DEFINITELY NOT see any performance loss in veg phase