• Pro-PK Professional Potash

Pro-PK Professional Potash

Pro-PK Professional Potash is a superior weight booster.  Supplement your nutrient solution with Pro-PK Professional Potash for increased potassium levels and maximum finished weight.

When you initiate flowering (12/12) there is a huge surge in the plants requirement for potassium.  Low potassium levels will slow down a plants growth rate to match the available potassium.  More available potassium equals more flowers.

Why don t nutrient manufacturers add all of this extra potassium in their nutrient mix?  They can’t for two reasons…the most important is that everybody’s system is different.  Nutrients are made to cope with a wide range of conditions and could easily become out of balance.  Problems could occur because hydroponic systems are managed by electrical conductivity rather than chemical analysis.  Adding the extra potassium is fine tuning.

The second problem is a chemical situation. Concentrated nutrients start to behave differently as the concentration increases and can begin to salt out, creating insoluble compounds that can t be used by the plant.  We recommend Pro-PK Professional Potash as an addition to your flowering nutrient for record breaking yields.

Add Pro-PK Professional Potash to fresh water at required rate first, then add your flowering nutrient and other additives.

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