• Pot Sox 30L
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Pot Sox 30L

Our new and improved Pot Sox’s are now even stronger and available in many sizes depending on your needs and come in a pack of 3.  Cleaning with Pot Sox is so simple, just pull the draw string tight and discard the Pot Sox including the used grow medium.  Dispose of both and start again.  Your pots are now ready to be used again by inserting a new Pot Sox and you are ready to grow again.

Step 1: You place the appropriate size Pot Sox in your pot with the drainage/mesh medium barrier (Pot Grid) at the bottom.

Step 2: Then fill the Pot Sox with any quality grow medium. The side walls are reinforced for toughness and made from a light weight fabric to hold all your plant’s grow medium in place.

Step 3: The Pot Sox drastically improves drainage thanks to its mesh base and has an ultra convenient draw string around the top, for ease of cleaning.

Step 4: Pull, lift and throw – cleaning has never been so simple!

Available sizes: 20L, 30L, 50L and 95L

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