• Miron Glass Wideneck Jar
  • Miron Glass Wideneck Jar

Miron Glass Wideneck Jar

MIRON Glass Wide Neck Jars are perfect for storage of your herbs & spices and will increase the shelf life of your products, prolonging their potency.  Modern science has adapted and advanced this technique to allow for impeccable preservation of your valuable organic matter!  Our specialised Miron Wide Neck Jars are made in 4 sizes.

Miron Glass Concentrate Jar with Lid made of Miron glass that increases the shelf life of your products. It also prolongs potency and comes in all sorts of sizes. These scientific storage solutions protect the active ingredients from degrading factors because advanced violet glass keeps your goods in fully optimal condition.

Miron Violet Glass is seriously scientific storage for your herbs or organic matter! It uses a specialised form of violet-glass to protect your products from harmful light energy. This helps to enhance flavours, reduce ageing and preserve bio-energy.  Forms of various violet glass can be traced back to Egyptian times! The Ancient Egyptian civilisations used these special protective properties for sacred belongings and storage. Valuable essences and healing organic products were kept in violet glass containers, usually with a gold trim!

Alchemists in the middle ages were also said to have used violet glass to bottle and store their various experiments, acknowledging the useful attributes of these containers. Advancements in industrialisation and the emergence of ‘new’ packaging materials meant that violet glass fell into obscurity over the past few hundred years.

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