• METHOD SEVEN Resistance HPS Plus Glasses

METHOD SEVEN Resistance HPS Plus Glasses

METHOD SEVEN RESISTANCE HPS PLUS GLASSES deliver “Perfect Colour” for the world’s ultimate grow experience in the intense yellow spectrum and harsh conditions of HPS lighting.  They deliver absolutely the highest available optical clarity and ability to absorb infrared (heat).

These are known as THE BEST LENSES for the professional working extended hours under HPS or the passionate hobbyist who simply wants the best.  The “plus” silver coating option makes the glass lens even better for working in high wattage environments or crossover use outside.

The patent pending formulation is manufactured with the highest quality German durable mineral glass to provide perfect colour, perfect clarity, and 100% UV protection.

resistance HPS plus features

  • German mineral glass lens with unmatched visual clarity
  • Glass is scratch resistant & durable
  • Asymmetrically tuned lenses for distortion-free focus
  • Rare-earth element notch filtering technology
  • Italian frame with flex hinge
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