• Hydromino Premium Grow A&B

Hydromino Premium Grow A&B

HYDROMINO PREMIUM GROW A&B is designed to be used in any available Hydroponic growing medium e.g. perlite, japwool or coco coir based. To be used for rapidly advancing vegetative plants containing premium additives e.g. wormT, fulvic acid & additional essential macro and micro nutrients for optimum growth. This cutting edge nutrient utilises amino bonding technology plus it contains several beneficial organic compounds. In addition an antimicrobial surfactant is present. All of these components permit the user to have a lower than normal conductivity ppm/E.C/T.D.S (nutrient strength/concentration/salt level), therefore allowing higher levels of additives to be used while not exceeding a safe ppm/E.C/T.D.S. level which can cause over fertilisation, lock outs, stress etc. resulting in poor plant growth and overall results.


  • premium growth
  • lower nutrient strength/concentration/salt levels
  • utilises amino bonding technology & organic compounds

Sizes Available:  1L, 5L & 20L



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