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Growhard Revived

Growhard’s Revived is the perfect solution for iron (Fe) deficiency, a plant disorder also known as “lime-induced chlorosis”.  Symptoms include leaves turning yellow or brown in the margins between the veins which may remain green, while young leaves may appear to be bleached. Iron becomes unavailable for absorption if pH is not between 5 and 6.5. The most common problem is excessive alkalinity of above 6.5 Iron deficiency can also develop if the medium is over-watered or over-fertilised. Revived gives back iron to the plant in an easily assimilable form, allowing the chlorophyll to build quickly and leaves to “green up” so photosynthesis can return to full potential.

Important: pH levels should be lowered to pH6 when using this product.

Use: 1/2ml per litre of nutrient solution as a preventative or 1ml per lite if chlorosis has occurred

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