• Flairform Twin Tech Starter

Flairform Twin Tech Starter

FLAIRFORM TWIN TECH STARTER is the essential treatment for preparing stem cuttings prior to planting.  TwinTech Starter’s gel formulation is shelf stable for over 10 years. This helps guarantee performance and is for use in hydroponics, soil or coco.


When to Use:  Cuttings / Clones
Dosage:  Stem dip
Substrates:  Hydro / Coco / Soil


In comparison to propagation via seed, cuttings offer some lucrative benefits. Cuttings produce a plant having the same general genetic characteristics as the donor plant. For example, the same appearance, size and yield. The result with seeds can be more uncertain. Also, for many species, cuttings reach the vegetative stage faster than seedlings. When artificial lighting is used, cuttings can be switched to flowering sooner by changing to the “redder” light spectrum of a HPS lamp. This is beneficial because the crop cycle is faster.

Sizes Available:  60ml & 100ml

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