• Cyco Platinum Series Coco Bitz
  • Cyco Platinum Series Coco Bitz

Cyco Platinum Series Coco Bitz

CYCO PLATINUM SERIES COCO BITZ is a mixture of Coco Coir and Chunk Coir which provides superior aeration and drainage qualities with no additional amendments of perlite. With a base of Coco Coir fibres, larger chinks of coconut coir based material is then added resulting in a medium removing the need for perlite while ensuring continued aeration with no migration of the perlite to the top of the medium during use.

Cyco Platinum Series Guaranetee

  • Pre buffered pH stabilised
  • High water absorbtion & heightened aeration
  • Natural biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clean & free from pests
  • Free fron viruses
  • Free from chemical additives’
  • Features RHP premium quality

Available in 50L bags


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