• CenturionPro Wet Tumbler (Quantinium Non Stick)

CenturionPro Wet Tumbler (Quantinium Non Stick)

CenturionPro Wet Tumbler (Quantinium Non Stick) allows the processing of wet material as opposed to dry.  The unique, non-stick
Quantinium coating prevents precious trichomes from adhering the tumbler surface without the need for sprays. Therefore,
CenturionPro machines result in 40% greater trichome preservation than the competition! As such, it preserves the natural flavours
and aromas of the strain. In addition, the Quantinium tumbler optimises harvesting as no downtime is required clean the tumbler
throughout the day. Plus, all each Quantinium tumbler is without PTFE/PFOA.

suitable for

  • CenturionPro Table Top CA025
  • CenturionPro Mini CA005
  • CenturionPro  Original / The Gladiator CA006
  • CenturionPro 3.0 CA043
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