• CenturionPro Dry Tumbler (Quantinium Non Stick)

CenturionPro Dry Tumbler (Quantinium Non Stick)

The CenturionPro Tabletop Quantinium Dry tumbler utilizes a non-stick coating for increased trichome preservation and improved damage resistance. With maintenance times reduced, this dry bud trimmer revolutionizes technology within the commercial bud trimmers market by maximizing overall production. The Tabletop Quantinium dry tumbler processes material when it’s dry rather than wet, while ensuring precise cutting and an unrivalled blade design. This blade works with the tumbler to accomplish an exceptional
machine-trim job. In addition, our design results in a precise cut for your marijuana buds, while reducing clean up time.

suitable for

  • CenturionPro Table Top CA045
  • CenturionPro Mini CA044
  • CenturionPro  Original / The Gladiator CA031
  • CenturionPro 3.0 CA032
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