New Products from The Hemp Lady $25 each

The Hemp Lady’s All Natural Tattoo balm is designed to reduce discomfort experienced after a tattoo.  This expertly crafted formula is rich in Pure  Organic Hemp Seed Oil as well as other oils and butters which offer regenerating, nourishing and anti-fungal properties.  Does not contain drawing, diluting or carrying agents.


This Dreadlock wax combines a powerful blend of natural ingredients, which are renowned for their ability to improve the condition and strength of your hair, which means stronger, healthier dreads.



A mildly scented balm which styles and adds lustre whilst conditioning and nourishing your pride of joy.  This medium hold balm also hydrates and soothes the skin beneath your majestic beard improving your skin health as well as beard growth.


A concentrated blend of 100% natural and organic plant extracts and oils. This healing balm not only helps to moisturise and sooth the skin, but it is also great for the treatment of burns, abrasions, rashes, nappy rash, severely dry skin and insect bites.  It can also help sooth inflammatory skin conditions such as dermatitis; eczema and  psoriasis.