Shield Sulphur Vaporiser

The Shield Sulphur Vaporiser is a great way of combating black & grey mould, powdery mildew, mites and other common problems for greenhouse and indoor plants. It works by melting and vaporising pure sulphur granules at the perfect temperature.  The sulphur exchanges into the air where it redistributes over the surface of the leaves/flowers forming an invisible plant shield.  Mould spores die upon immediate contact and pests must relocate or suffer the consequences.


  • At the onset of the flowering period. Stop two weeks before harvest.
  • Treats up to a 20x20m² area.
  • Use every third day for 1 hour during late evening or lights off period.
  • If tip burn occurs, reduce by 5-10 minute intervals until burn stops.

Sulphur refill