SA 1200P Carbon Dioxide Detector Datalogger Function

Everything OK or windows open? The compact and clear SA 1200P carbon dioxide detector datalogger function is a practical tool when it comes to measuring indoor air quality. It reliably displays the carbon dioxide content (CO2) in all building areas. Very important to maintain the exact analysis and monitoring of the air quality desired or required in your grow area. This guarantees success!

The modern white measuring device has an LED display with background lighting and easy to read numbers. Next to the CO2 value, the temperature and the air humidity are displayed.

The SA 1200P carbon dioxide detector datalogger function is particularly practical if the CO2 value in the room exceeds a critical limit. then the device responds with a visual and audible warning tone. Thanks to this practical function, the measuring device, whether in the classroom, grow room or in the open-plan office, makes clear quickly and unequivocally when it is time for ventilation.