• HAILEA Water Chiller HC

HAILEA Water Chiller HC

The HAILEA Water Chillers  are quiet and have digital temperature controllers to ensure that the selected temperature is maintained.  The rate of flow is decided according to max flow of the pump and the circulation equipment.

Models available:

  • HC100A Hailea Water Chiller 220 Litre 1/20hp
  • HC250A Hailea Water Chiller 600 Litre 1/6hp
  • HC300A Hailea Water Chiller 800 Litre 1/4hp
  • HC500A Hailea Water Chiller 1200 Litre 1/2 hp
  • HC1000A Hailea Water Chiller 2200 Litre 1hp
  • HC2200BH Hailea Water Chill/Heat 2000 Litre


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