Hydromino Nutrients & Additives

Hydromino Nutrients & Additives

Hydromino premium products are South Australian made Hydroponic Nutrients & Additives. Proud to have been manufacturing locally in South Australia enabling affordable prices without compromising quality for over 20 years

Hydromino’s aim is to provide premium enhancers to assist with maximum growth yield knowing that our future depends on your success.

Hydromino nutrients and additives offer all customers everything required in the planning, creation and maintenance of organic and hydroponic gardens. To find out more, visit our store at Unit 14/1042 Grand Junction Rd, Holden Hill SA 08 8395 4455.

Just some of the extensive Hydromino Range

Hydromino Floreate A&B
Hydromino Accelerant


AquaMaster P160 Pro Combo pen

The AquaMaster P160 Pro Combo pen – pH, EC, TDS, PPM, Temp meter is our premium user-friendly digital hand-held meter, offering extended features. It is ideal for measuring the pH, EC, PPM, TDS, and temperature of all sorts of liquids, making it suitable for many industries. The high-quality meter is extremely accurate and fits perfectly in your hand with a rubber ergonomic back and a cord to keep the cap secure. Moreover, the meter is IP67 waterproof and can even float, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.

This combo pen has a 2-point auto calibration feature for the pH and an analogue EC calibration function, meaning that the calibration solution doesn’t need to have a temperature of exactly 25ºC.

This premium model is delivered in a robust case including calibration solutions pH 4.01, pH 7.00, and EC 1413. The P160 Pro has a dry storage electrode, meaning that storage in liquid is not required.

AquaMaster P160 Pro Combo pen – pH, EC, TDS, PPM, Temp meter comes with batteries and the electrode is replaceable to extend its lifetime.

AquaMaster Tools

New to Highland Grow & Flow are the AquaMaster tools that provide trust with the precision of their devices and allows growers to measure with confidence.

Today, AquaMaster offers a wide range of in-house designed products such as pH meters, conductivity meters, temperature meters and calibration fluids. They understand the importance of convenience, accuracy and quality and strive to adapt their range and products to the needs and requirements of our customers. All AquaMaster innovative tools offer convenience, reliability, accuracy & strong materials at affordable prices.

SuperTHRIVE Vitamin Solution

SUPERthrive Vitamin Solution is the original vitamins-hormones solution with 50 instant BioUsables normal pure complexes from carbon-hydrogen-oxygen natural organic crystals. SUPERthrive helps plants grow faster by stimulating the production of natural hormones. Works great with hydroponics and soil gardening. It is also ideal for young plant seedlings to get a quick start on life or for reviving older and sickly plants back to health. SUPERthrive can be used every time you water your plants.

SUPERthrive is not a fertilizer therefore you may use it in addition to your normal fertilizer or plant food. For most purposes use 3 ounces per 100 gallons of water, fully saturating roots (also 1 tablespoonful per 15 gallons, 1/4 teaspoonful per gallon, or 2 drops per large cupful). Always far ahead in science and value. Contains Vitamin B-1 (.09%), 1-Naphthyl acetic acid (.048%). Approximately one fourth (25%) of total liquid is dissolved solids (seen when liquid dries outside container mouth). Unique balance of a great number of the world’s science “miracles” in every drop.

Got bugs? You need NO MORE BUGS!

Got bugs? You need No More Bugs.  This product is a total plant protection additive.  A combination of unique and effective organic and inorganic substances designed to combat all the common insect problems growers have today.  Many insects such as Whitefly, Sciarid Fly and Spider-Mite can have a devastating effect on yield and fruit size on plants if not dealt with dearly on.  No More Bugs is unique in the way it can travel throughout the entire plant including its leaves, stems, fruits and roots. 

No More Bugs will also bind to the growing medium that you use if used a a drench to combat any insects or eggs in the medium.  No matter where you apply No More Bugs as a foliar or a soil drench, the transportability of the ingredients will supply total plant protection ensuring you have healthier better yielding plants.

Sciarid Fly/Fungus Gnats:  Larvae are extremely small worms within the growing medium.  Adults are dark grey/black 2mm-5mm flies with long legs and antennae with one pair of transparent wings.  They will feed on roots, fungi and other organic matter within the growing medium.  Adults can transport Pyhtium and other fungi from plant to plant.

Spider Mite:  Adults are less than 1mm in size.  Larvae and eggs may need a microscope to see.  Adults will suck the underside of leaves, killing chlorophyll cells in the plant tissue, therefore hindering photosynthesis.  In large enough colonies they will spin webs over leaves and fruit.

Whitefly: Adults are 2-3mm in size with a small white body and white wings.  Adults will feed on the underside of leaves and lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves also,.  If left unchecked large swarms of whitefly can destroy many plants.

No More Bugs will control and eliminate many different insects, the proof is in the bottle.  Once you try No More Bugs it will become a regular part of your growing schedule.  Leading to healthier, better yielding, stronger plants.


Telos 6 Pro LED Grow Lights are designed to withstand harsh environments, has integrated advanced water, corrosion and UV protection.  For compliance with the latest safety and product reliability standards, each system incorporates proprietary Safe Extra Low Voltage (SELV) technology.  This combined with the latest Osram LED’s, offers consistent light output over 85,000 hours (L80).


  • Passive cooling use up to 40c
  • Waterproof, Corrosion & UV protected
  • 85,000 hour product life
  • Refractive optical design
  • Upgradable LED modular design
  • Safety extra low voltage
  • 175 w power consumption
  • PPF 2.4
  • CRI 87 colour rendering
  • 3160K colour temperature



Great White Premium Mycorrhizae is the most complete mycorrhizal product on the market. Great White’s premium and concentrated formula aids optimum colonisation of your root systems by the fungi.   The water soluble powder makes application easy and it delivers the spores directly to the roots for immediate germination.  Users should look for explosive root development, enhanced yields, fruiting and flowering, nutrient and water absorption and transplant success.


Research shows that this powerful formula will ignite plant and root growth giving plants the tools they need to maximise yields. Great White mycorrhizae is an extremely versatile product which can be mixed in with any substrate or simply sprinkled, diluted or drip fed. Give your plant a head start!

Available sizes:  150g & 750g



UBER PYYRO K is the first and only plant booster based on the POWER of PYROPHOSPHATE.   PYYRO K will BOOST your plant’s ROOTS, HEALTH & GROWTH.  

First, UBER PYYRO K starts by generating a LARGE & POWERFUL ROOT SYSTEM, rivalling or exceeding the best root boosters on the market.  Then, up-regulates your plants metabolism and INCREASES THE AMOUNT OF NUTRIENTS your plant up-takes & uses, by up to 25% – allowing your plants to grow and develop at rates you never thought possible!  

SIMPLICITY at its best! NO MORE NEED for separate root, grow and flower boosters.   UBER PYYRO K gives you the BEST VALUE for your money.  SAVE UP TO 50% when compared to buying other single-purpose, top shelf root, boost and flowering additives separately.



The SHIELD SULPHUR VAPORISER is a great way of combating black & grey mould, powdery mildew, mites and other common problems for greenhouse and indoor plants. It works by melting and vaporising pure sulphur granules at the perfect temperature.  The sulphur exchanges into the air where it redistributes over the surface of the leaves/flowers forming an invisible plant shield.  Mould spores die upon immediate contact and pests must relocate or suffer the consequences.


The Shield Sulphur Vaporiser heats the sulphur on a thermostatically controlled hot-plate.  The vapouriser heats the sulphur just to the point where it vaporises slowly into the grow-room.

With it’s carefully controlled heating action, the vapouriser will not produce any toxic combustion products like sulphur dioxide, only sulphur vapour is produced. Sulphur vapour kills mould spores, preventing the spread of fungi and rot.  Sulphur is also toxic to spider mites and various other grow-room pests.  The Vapouriser releases a consistent dose of sulphur over an 8 hour period ensuring there is no wastage.

Hydromino Wormilizer

If your a serious grower, then HYDROMINO WORMILIZER is what you need!  This additive has been booming our customers yield for over 20 years and was scientifically developed to attach itself to the root system of your plant to assist in root growth. It contains naturally activating VAM Mycorrhizal Inoculant and is a totally a natural organic solution, delivering Nitrogen to the plant and stimulating total plant growth.  Try it now to see amazing results!


  • natural & organic
  • high level of nutrients
  • stimulates plant growth

Sizes Available:  1L, 5L & 20L



The Sea Hawk clip fan is perfect for indoor grow rooms or grow tents which increase your air circulation and the elimination of hot and humid dead spots.

When growing Hydroponically you are providing your plants with many advantages, but along with that comes heat issues. Lamp heat and poor airflow can exhaust and stress your plants resulting in a lower quality and even quantity yield. A ventilating wall fan can give vital airflow to your room which is a necessity for all living plants while reducing heat waves created by your grow light. Keep the heat away from your plants, and get better results. Sea Hawk clip fans are most suitable for small growing areas, or grow tents.


  • TWO speeds
  • 15cm/6″
  • Left – Right Rotation
  • Adjustable Up – Down Tilt
  • 20 watt motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Complete with SAA plug

Miron Glass Concentrate Jar with Lid

Miron Glass Concentrate Jar with Lid made of Miron glass that increases the shelf life of your products. It also prolongs potency and comes in all sorts of sizes. These scientific storage solutions protect the active ingredients from degrading factors because advanced violet glass keeps your goods in fully optimal condition. 

Miron Violet Glass is seriously scientific storage for your herbs or organic matter! It uses a specialised form of violet-glass to protect your products from harmful light energy. This helps to enhance flavours, reduce ageing and preserve bio-energy.

Forms of various violet glass can be traced back to Egyptian times! The Ancient Egyptian civilisations used these special protective properties for sacred belongings and storage. Valuable essences and healing organic products were kept in violet glass containers, usually with a gold trim!

Alchemists in the middle ages were also said to have used violet glass to bottle and store their various experiments, acknowledging the useful attributes of these containers. Advancements in industrialisation and the emergence of ‘new’ packaging materials meant that violet glass fell into obscurity over the past few hundred years.

Since the first industrially produced MIRON Violet glass production in 1995, the composition, manufacturing- and verification methods have significantly changed. More and more producers of high quality natural products discover that the advantages of MIRON violet glass containers!


Save time with this SPIN PRO 15″ INCH MANUAL TABLE TOP TRIMMER FROM SPIN PRO comes with heavy duty flat cutting blade, a set of wire cutters and rubber feet.

MR 24/7 Plant Barrier

MR 24/7 Plant Barrier is designed to eliminate Spider Mites that destroy plant cells by sucking out their contents, and works by providing a barrier which is harmless to the plant, but fatal to the mites.   Some of the components are also absorbed by the plant and then suppress the life cycle of the mites.

MR 24/7 Plant Barrier uses a unique formula of botanical oils, including neem, garlic, eucalyptus plus surfactants to provide a protective barrier against many leaf-eating pests, and most effectively, the Spider Mite.

Get them before they get your plants!  Prevention is better than cure, and just a little of this plant barrier goes a long way to preventing mite infestation. A periodic spray is the best way to never see your plants suffering an attack of spider mites.

Remember, when it’s hot, and dry, mites are just a gentle breeze away from your plants, and they usually go undetected until they’ve multiplied to plague proportions. Just one spray every few weeks in the hottest season will protect your crop from this near-invisible pest.

Whether you’re an indoor grower, greenhouse grower, hydroponic grower, or outdoor grower, sooner or later the mites will find you!

House & Garden Top Shooter & Shooting Powder

Top Shooter is an amazing bud expander and is the absolute best in the field of flowering stimulators.  It gives visible results and work brilliantly with all base nutrients.

Top Shooter is the liquid version of Shooting Powder, the secret behind every successful grower! This sparkling bud expander is the absolute best in the field of flowering stimulators.

It gives visible results and works brilliantly with all base nutrients. It is packed in powerful concentrated liquid, is simple to use and has been extensively tested by our research team. It has already gained great respect in the horticultural industry and, moreover, has earned our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Shooting Powder is the secret behind every successful cup winning grower. This sparkling bud expander is the absolute best in the field of flowering stimulators. It gives visible results and works brilliantly with all base nutrients.

It is packed in handy sachets, is simple to use and has been extensively tested by our research team. It has already gained great respect in the horticultural industry and, moreover, has earned our customers’ complete satisfaction. It is the powdered form of top shooter, in easy to use sachets.

House & Garden Shooting Powder forces your plants into starting a new flowering cycle after the regular cycle has stopped, significantly increasing the fruits’ total weight. The extra yield after applying this product will surprise even the most seasoned grower. Shooting powder creates a new layer on top of the existing fruit! Output increases of up to 20% can be reached this way and are very common.



Can Max Fan Pro Series is a diagonal fan, using the 3D rotor-stator system which has been improved to be more efficient and more silent with 2 speeds.

The Max-Fan Pro Series is even more efficient and stronger than the original Max-Fan design, which has a much more robust housing due to the fiberglass reinforced plastic compounds that meet all of the UL and CSA requirements. The fans have three control speeds for true performance, run quieter and come with the EZ Mount bracket for easy mounting.


  • Max-Fan Pro 150 150mm, 2 Speeds, 470 m³/h, 600 m³/h
  • Max-Fan Pro 200 200mm, 2 Speeds, 870 m³/h, 1220 m³/h
  • Max-Fan Pro 250 250mm, 2 Speeds, 1470 m³/h, 1660 m³/h
  • Max-Fan Pro 315 315mm, 3 Speeds, 2130 m³/h, 2770 m³/h, 3180 m³/h
  • Max-Fan Pro 400 400mm, 3 Speeds, 2620 m³/h, 2970 m³/h, 3300 m³/h


Hy-Gen Cocobloom 2 Part Nutrient

HY-GEN COCOBLOOM 2 PART NUTRIENT is a flowering and fruiting stage cocopeat specific nutrient.  This formulation compliments the Cocogrow formula and contains high levels of phosphorous, potassium and trace elements. As a result of this, the transition from growth to flowering and final harvest is smooth and successful.

HY-GEN COCOBLOOM 2 PART NUTRIENT levels are carefully formulated to ensure that optimum ratios between nitrogen and phosphorous are achieved. Because of this, it will maximise your flowering and fruiting benefit. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and trace elements are included and optimised to achieve maximum availability.  Cocobloom also contains a natural kelp extract to condition the cocopeat and to stimulate and maintain a healthy root system.

420 Premium Beneficial Bacteria

420 Premium Beneficial Bacteria contains 28 different species of bacterium and enzymes with rapid 8 hour activation and is organic. This product is fully stable with a 2 year unrefrigerated shelf life. It is totally soluble and breaks down organic matter. 420 Premium Beneficial Bacteria ensures the cleanest, whitest and healthiest root system from cuttings to harvest, used by countless commercial hydroponic growers worldwide.

Sizes available:

50g $25 & 100g $50

Passive Unit Extraction Kit 450G MK1

Passive Unit Extraction Kit 450G MK1 allows you to turn your already existing Closed Column Unit into a Full Reclaim unit allowing you to collect back your gas by operations under vacuum pressure and using hot & cold temperatures to move the gas into the Collection Tank and leaving the finished product safely reduced in a closed controlled Material Collection Tank.

All MKI & MKII PASSIVE UNIT KITS consist of 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Columns and Fitok Fittings, Stainless Steel Braided PTFE lined Hose and PTFE Gaskets with 150micron Mesh Gasket and 1.5’’ Borosilicate Sight Ports as well. Safety features including 150PSI Conrader Brass Pressure Relief Valves, 150PSI Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge and Nai-Lok Ball Valves.


  • 450G Material Column w/ De-Wax Column x1
  • 3’’ Top Plate Assembly w/ ¼’’ MNPT Pressure Gauge, Pressure Relief Valve, Ball Valve w/ ¼’’ MJIC
  • 3’’-1.5’’ Reducer Bowl x1
  • 6’’ Tri-Clamp x2
  • 3’’ Tri-Clamp x2
  • 1.5’’ Tri-Clamp x3
  • 1.5’’ Tri-Clamp 3 Piece Ball Valve x1
  • 3’’ Viton Rubber Gasket x2
  • 6’’ Viton Rubber Gasket x3
  • 1.5’’ Viton Rubber Gasket x1
  • 1.5’’ Viton Meshed Gasket 150micron
  • 6’’ Hemispherical Dome with 1.5’’ Sight Glass x2
  • 6x 3’’ Non- Jacketed Splatter Platter x1
  • 6x 12’’ Material Collection Spool x1
  • 6×24’’ Welded Base Gas Collection Column x1
  • 5x ¼’’ Nylok Ball Valves with ¼’’ MJIC Fittings
  • 1.2M ¼’’ FJIC PTFE Stainless Steel Braided Hose X2
  • 150 PSI Pressure Gauge ¼’’ MNPT x2
  • 150 Pressure Relief Valve ¼’’ MNPT x2

Zydot Ultimate Blend 32 “The Original Detox Drink”

Zydot Ultimate Blend 32 "The Original Detox Drink"

Zydot Ultimate Blend 32 The Original Detox Drink is an all-natural chemical free detox cleansing drink that cleanses your bodily systems.  It works as a masking agent for drug tests with a 100% guarantee by the manufacturer.  In 1987, Zydot were the first company to produce and introduce this revolutionary product, which is why they are the most trusted brand on the market.


  • Best for Customers 100kg and under
  • Customers who know when their test will be and have time to prepare for it
  • Now in a NEW larger 950mL bottle designed to accommodate those weighing 100kgs or more and those who may have toxin levels exceeding normal levels.

Do you have a work place testing coming up or do they just get sprung on you from time to time?   Then you may need Zydot Ultimate Blend 32 “The Original Detox Drink” that does not “mask” or cover-up toxins, they actually cleanse or flush your urinary tract of unwanted toxins, in conjunction with your body’s own natural cleansing process.  Zydot Ultimate 32 effects lasting 4-5 hours and is made of all natural ingredients that are commonly found in most healthy diets, they do not leave behind impurities of their own.   Also contains B-Vitamins and Creatine.

proudly Australia owned since 1987