• MR 24/7 Plant Barrier

MR 24/7 Plant Barrier

MR 24/7 Plant Barrier is designed to eliminate Spider Mites that destroy plant cells by sucking out their contents, and MR 24/7 Plant Barrier works by providing a barrier which is harmless to the plant, but fatal to the mites.   Some of the components of MR 24/7 Plant Barrier are also absorbed by the plant and then suppress the life cycle of the mites.

Organic Miticide

MR 24/7 Plant Barrier uses a unique formula of botanical oils, including neem, garlic, eucalyptus plus surfactants to provide a protective barrier against many leaf-eating pests, and most effectively, the Spider Mite.

The main active ingredient, neem oil, contains a limonoid called azadirachtin which has steroids (campesterol, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol) which interrupt the normal hormonal balance of mites, suppressing its reproductive cycle. The neem oil used in MR 24/7 Plant Barrier is cold pressed, as only oil of this quality will contain these steroids.

MR 24/7 Plant Barrier is a fully bio-degradable miticide, is not toxic to animals, and under normal use will not affect the plant’s metabolism. Highly effective against two-spotted and red mites, MR 24/7 Plant Barrier is also reporting success with Eriophyid mites such as the “Fuschia Gall Mite” which is endemic to parts of California and also known as the “Mendo” or “Mendocino mini”, (see the testimonial).

MR 24/7 Plant Barrier comes in a concentrated form, and the 45ml bottle mixes with water to make 18 liters (32.7 pints) of mite killing spray.

One thorough application is usually enough, but heavy infestations may require two, as the tiny eggs can be a bit more resilient; so we recommend a second application in these cases. (Note: It is advisable not to use Mite-Rid in conjunction with biological controls like predatory mites!)

Get them before they get your plants!  Prevention is better than cure, and just a little MR 24/7 Plant Barrier goes a long way to preventing mite infestation. A periodic spray with MR 24/7 Plant Barrier is the best way to never see your plants suffering an attack of spider mites.

Remember, when it’s hot, and dry, mites are just a gentle breeze away from your plants, and they usually go undetected until they’ve multiplied to plague proportions. Just one spray every few weeks in the hottest season will protect your crop from this near-invisible pest.

Whether you’re an indoor grower, greenhouse grower, hydroponic grower, or outdoor grower, sooner or later the mites will find you!


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