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UBER PYYRO K is the first and only plant booster based on the POWER of PYROPHOSPHATE.  PYYRO K will BOOST your plant’s ROOTS, HEALTH & GROWTHFirst, PYYRO K starts by generating a LARGE & POWERFUL ROOT SYSTEM, rivalling or exceeding the best root boosters on the market.  Then, PYYRO K up-regulates your plants metabolism and INCREASES THE AMOUNT OF NUTRIENTS your plant up-takes & uses, by up to 25% – allowing your plants to grow and develop at rates you never thought possible!  SIMPLICITY at its best! NO MORE NEED for separate root, grow and flower boosters.   PYYRO K gives you the BEST VALUE for your money.  SAVE UP TO 50% when compared to buying other single-purpose, top shelf root, boost and flowering additives separately.

Pyrophosphate, the power behind PYYRO K is a unique and powerful form of phosphorus that has a similar energy signature to ATP – the universal energy currency of every living thing on earth.   This unique energy signature, when combined with our proprietary TRx1 Peptide Suite, allows PYYRO K to act as a powerful metabolic optimizer that dramatically up-regulates your plants metabolism and gets your plants increasing their nutrient uptake, growing and yielding like they were meant to.

Pyrophosphate is powerful – in fact it’s over 6 times more powerful than the regular phosphate found in your current flowering or plant booster – when it comes to providing that EXTRA phosphorus energy your plant craves during flower nothing beats the power of pyrophosphate.


  • Best used with distilled or RO water
  • Root boosting products are NOT recommended whilst using PYYRO K, doing so may result in too many roots
  • Works with all nutrient regimes
  • PYYRO K is a booster. Do NOT use as a base nutrient
  • Always check and adjust pH

Sizes available:  1L, 4L & 10L

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