• Seahawk Clip Fan

Seahawk Clip Fan

The Sea Hawk clip fan is perfect for indoor grow rooms or grow tents which increase your air circulation and the elimination of hot and humid dead spots.  When growing Hydroponically you are providing your plants with many advantages, but along with that comes heat issues. Lamp heat and poor airflow can exhaust and stress your plants resulting in a lower quality and even quantity yield.

A ventilating wall fan can give vital airflow to your room which is a necessity for all living plants while reducing heat waves created by your grow light. Keep the heat away from your plants, and get better results. Sea Hawk clip fans are most suitable for small growing areas, or grow tents.


  • TWO speeds
  • 15cm/6″
  • Left – Right Rotation
  • Adjustable Up – Down Tilt
  • 20 watt motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Complete with SAA plug
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