• Rock SuperCharge Root Tonic

Rock SuperCharge Root Tonic

Rock SuperCharge Root Tonic  incorporates years of research into keeping roots healthy and strong. Many of our growers ask how they can reproduce great crops grow after grow, within the same year. The answer lies in root growth hormones and stimulants, ensuring that your plant has a strong enough foundation to reproduce the same great yields time after time. Your plants’ root systems are vital to this healthy foundation, so it’s critical to stimulate extra root growth from day one.

Rock Supercharge can be used to help improve average yields or growers who struggle to get the most from their second or third growth cycle. Rock Supercharge will also help cure root sickness and disease, repairing most of the common problems growers face.

It’s obvious to many, but if a plants’ root system is healthier and stronger this results in the top of the plant becoming healthier and stronger. And this means bigger yields on a more regular basis.

For a hydroponic Root Tonic that’s been carefully developed and tested by growers, for growers – Rock Supercharge is what you’ve been looking for.

Sizes Available:  1L, 5L & 20L

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