• MED-TEK Cal-Mag Nutrient

MED-TEK Cal-Mag Nutrient

MED-TEK CAL-MAG NUTRIENT provides the supplemental elements necessary to boost plant nutrition and/or to correct nutrient deficiency problems.  A concentrated blend of readily available calcium, magnesium and full spectrum micronutrients, CAL-MAG MICRO quickly corrects deficiencies and boosts plant performance during periods of high nutrient demand.  CAL-MAG MICRO utilizes various food and agricultural grade calcium sources to ensure the highest nutrient bioavailability and quality in solution.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Ca 3%
  • Mg 1%
  • Chelated Fe 0.04%
  • Chelated Mn 0.01%
  • Chelated Zn 0.007%
  • Chelated Cu 0.001%
  • B 0.01%
  • Mo 0.0009%

Recommended usage rate in soft water to correct Cal Mag = 1ml/L (where using Med-Tek base nutrient)

Recommended usage rate to correct nutrient deficiency symptoms 2ml/L

Sizes available:  1L, 5L & 20L


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