Mammoth P Microbes

  • Mammoth P Microbes

MAMMOTH P MICROBE outgrowing the competition. It is the first organically derived microbial inoculant that boosts phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to maximize bud growth, increase yield, and enhance plant health.  NOW AVAILABLE!!

So what the hell are Mammoth P Microbes and why all the fuss?

Phosphorous is awesome for plants but is hard for plants to uptake due to its double bonds (which takes A LOT of energy to break). So what if we could break these bonds first and save your plants all that effort?  The sole purpose of Mammoth P Microbes is to liberate & mobilise phosphorous and give it to your plants in mass. The results of this are quite staggering to say the least. Four very specific microbe families that live solely to give your plants their favourite flowering stimulant…phosphorous! You just sit back and let them do all the hard work while you reap the rewards….


  • Shelf life is at 27 months so far
  • pH operating range is 4 to 9
  • Temp range is from freezing to 40C (can be frozen and re-invigorated)
  • Average yield increase is 16% (pier reviewed and sited studies available)
  • OMRI certified and 100% organic
  • Now sold in over 1500 stores world wide
  • Won product of the year 2017 in the UK via Garden Culture magazine survey
  • Application rate is a tiny 0.16ml/L (making it much cheaper to use than its price point suggests)
  • Average return on investment is over 400% – documented by over 100 x Colorado commercial grows

Basically, this stuff rocks!


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