• Tecoponic HY1000 Chiller & Heater 310w
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Tecoponic HY1000 Chiller & Heater 310w

The Tecoponic HY1000 Chiller & Heater 310w is an essential part of any serious hydroponic system and built for simplicity.  Just set and forget for precise water temperature.  TECO is Italian premium water control, made tough with reliable quality for peace of mind. TECO Chillers are world renowned for powerful design, durability and longevity.


  • Ideal for Hydroponics (NFT – Nutrient Film Technique, Ebb&Flow, DWC-Deep Water Culture, RDWC-Recirculating Deep Water Culture), Aquaponics and Aeroponics
  • Combats heat where it matters, ensuring always the perfect water temperature of your hydroponics system
  • Improves oxygen levels in the water, providing maximum root efficiency
  • Repels pathogens and disease in plants roots
  • Replaces the use of the air conditioning system and the air heater at the same time, contributing to significant energy savings

Technical Specifications

  • Supply: 230 – 240v 50Hz
  • Cooling power consumption: 310w
  • Ecological gas: R134a
  • Min and Max Flow rate: 500L/h – 800L/h (Aquarium pump not included)
  • Tank size: Up to 1000L (water temperature 20°C – room temp 30°C
  • Dimensions: 310 x 310 x 482 (h) mm
  • Weight: 19.7kg / 43.4lb
  • COP (Coefficient of Performance): 1.7
  • Chilling & heating capability for ideal temperature management, 24/7

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