• Flairform Pythoff

Flairform Pythoff

FLAIRFORM PYTHOFF is a broad spectrum disinfecting agent that will sterilise your entire hydroponic system to ensure maximum plant performance all year round. Pythoff is based on monochloramine – a proven and trusted drinking water disinfectant used world wide.  Pythoff maximizes the effective working life of water and nutrient.


  • Helps prevent root browning
  • Helps eliminates food sources responsible for attracting fungus gnat and other root-zone pests
  • Helps prevent plumbing blockages
  • Pythoff’s formulation is a result of our extensive experience as water treatment consultants since 1966
  • Pythoff is safe and non-toxic
  • Non systemic meaning safe to use from seed to harvest
  • Complies with ‘organic’ farming guidelines that prohibit the use of systemic chemicals.

Use during vegetative & flowering.  Dose rate 0.1-0.2ml/L (0.4-0.8ml/Gal).   As with all products it is advisable to test compatibility prior to routine usage. Pythoff is not compatible with hydrogen peroxide or beneficial bacteria.

Sizes available:  500ml, 1L and 5L


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