• Essential Soil Conditioner

Essential Soil Conditioner

Essential Soil Conditioner, the next level in substrate development.  Essential Soil Conditioner uses the power of Diatomaceous Earth to allow you to grow like the pros!  Experience unrivaled results in root strength, health and growth.


  • unrivaled retention of water and nutrients
  • creates a drought tolerant soil environment
  • absorbs up to 140% its weight in water
  • allows maximum aeration to the soil
  • improves drainage
  • reduces compaction
  • provides a thermal barrier from heat and frozen environments
  • allows lateral movement of water and nutrients
  • won’t decompose
  • natural available source of Silica
  • promotes healthy strong roots
  • Water in well after installation to each application shown below
  1. Garden Plants – Add 2kg per M², mix well into the soil to a depth of approximately 300mm
  2. Potted plants – Mix 20% by volume evenly into soil
  3. Hydroponic plants – blend 10-20% by volume into the growing medium
  4. Lawn & Turf – After aerating lawn or turf top dress evenly to the surface at 0.2kg per M²
  5. Revegetation – Spread at a rate of 1kg per M² up to a depth of approximately 300mm
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