• De-Gnat Plant Protector

De-Gnat Plant Protector

De-Gnat Plant Protector is made of DE which is known as Diatomaceous Earth which is a natural Silica compound derived from earth minerals to protect your plants from insects.  DE-Gnat creates a barrier over the top of your medium/substrate that features abrasive properties utilizing desiccation to deter, control and kill fungus gnats and other pests.

De-Gnat insect shield is comprised of specially sized DE granules to form a residual barrier to control a variety of pests throughout their entire life cycle.  This product is organically sourced and naturally refined, to provide numerous benefits to your plants and substrate other than pest/insect control.

The insect shield provides a natural source of silica, helps to increase porosity (air within medium) and reduce compaction within your substrate.  It also facilitates nutrient uptake and absorption as well as microbial activity and thermal control.


  • Add layer of De-Gnat insect shield approximately 3-5cm deep across the top of medium
  • Ensure medium is fully covered with an even layer at all times
  • Re-apply throughout the plants cycle to ensure constant protection
  • Replenish layer if irrigation disrupts the DE layer


Mix throughout coco or peat substrate, to provide a natural and more beneficial alternative to perlite.

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