CULTIV8 Digital Ballast

  • CULTIV8 Digital Ballast
  • CULTIV8 Digital Ballast
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The Cultiv8 600 watt Digital Ballast has proved itself to be a highly reliable and efficient product with dynamic performance.  Being a fanless and sealed unit adds to this reliability.  The versatility of the Cultiv8 600 watt Pro+ digital ballast allows it to be used with a range of different lamps.


  • Random start technology to assist with multiple ballast start ups
  • Dimming and super boost options
  • Soft starting for lamp protections particularly the lamp colour
  • Wide voltage range lumen maintenance which means as local voltages vary the ballast adapts and maintains constant lumen maintenance
  • Higher yields
  • 2 year Warranty

It’s lamp detection technology allows both single ended and double ended 240 volt or 400 volt lamps to be used. While the built-in random start and fail-safe features prevent damage to both ballast and lamp.

With adjustable wattage and Australian Certified RCM Compliance, the Cultiv8 600 watt Digital Ballast has a 5 metre output Lead and 5 metre hardwired input lead (not a separate plug in lead). In addition, variable voltage safe from 175 to 275 volts with Japanese capacitors and RF Shielded


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