• Bio Diesel Marine Camg+

Bio Diesel Marine Camg+

Bio Diesel Marine Camg+ is an amazing new growth enhancer designed specifically for medical cannabis.  Naturally derived Sea ingredients including crustacean chiltin for high levels of natural Calcium!  MARINE CAMG+ also provides fast acting nitrogen and 100% natural growth regulators for fast, lush growth and much larger, heavy yielding branches.

  • Bigger, healthier plants in bloom
  • Enhanced plant cell division
  • Increased tolerance to stress and insects
  • Contains natural growth regulators for faster growth rates
  • Crustacean derived fast acting natural calcium
  • Increased plant size and yield
  • Quickly corrects nutrient deficiencies of Ca, Mg or N

MARINE CaMg+ is also a perfect FOLIAR SPRAY for a fast acting vegetative boost or to quickly correct nutrient deficiencies in as little as 24/48 hrs as soon as the nutrient pathways are clear. Apply to nutrient tank at the rate of 1ml per Litre after mixing your base nutrient solution.


NUTRIENT TANK:  Add 0.5 – 1ml per Litre of nutrient solution into the reservoir or bucket.  MARINE CaMg+ in the nutrient solution will raise your background EC by aprox 0.8-1 EC. It is recommended to run a lower background nutrient strength of around 0.5 EC in early vegetative growth so once you add MARINE CaMg+ your EC should be 1.0-1.5 EC total. MARINE CaMg+ is also organically chelated allowing you to run higher EC levels than standard EDTA chelated minerals.

FOLIAR APPLICATION: 1ml per Litre foliar sprayed on both sides of canopy once per week during Vegetative Growth after lights have gone off. BIG PLANTS LOVE THIS!

FAST DEFICIENCY CORRECTION: (Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron + Trace elements) Flush coco fibre or growing media with crystal clear to remove any build ups. Foliar Spray at 1ml per Litre and adjust nutrient to 0.5EC until lush new growth returns.


Available sizes:  1L, 5L & 20L

Recirculating Hydroponics & Coco Run to Waste Feed Charts available below

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