• 1 x Adjust-A-Wings CMH 315W Kit (4200K)

1 x Adjust-A-Wings CMH 315W Kit (4200K)

Adjust-A-Wings CMH 315W Kits (4200K) are ideal for small grow spaces (1m x 1m footprint) and for blending with HPS lamps to provide complete spectral diversity.  They are high intensity highly reliable and unrivaled spectral output.  This kit includes a class leading 4200K ceramic metal halide (CMH) lmap with bespoke Japanese arc tube and XOS borosilicate jacket.

Perfectly matched to the specialist Ultra high frequency (150kHz) remote-ballast which ensures effortless, reliable ignition of both the 3100K and 4200K lamps.    Key grower benefits include:

  • remote ballast for out of room mounting and heat reduction
  • proven open-ended design allows for closer lamp placement
  • ultra-light weight fixture for ease of mounting
  • deeper canopy penetration, explosive growth rates
  • Shorter internodal length and increased terpene/essential oil production

use for all stages of growth and flower

Includes:  315w 4200k lamp with E40 mogul base, ultra-high frequency (150kHz)e-ballast & small defender reflector


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