600 Puff Disposable Mood Changers

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  • 600 Puff Disposable Mood Changers

The E-Njoint™ Pre-filled 600 Puff Disposable Mood Changers are very exciting products powered by Natural Terpenes. These product allows you to take control of your mood. Can’t sleep? Vape a ‘Drowsy’.  Feel stressed out? Vape a ‘Relax’. The Terpenes in the Mood-Changers influence your mood in a natural way. 100% legal and safe. Contains no nicotine or other toxic components. 6 delicious natural flavours in a cone-shaped vaporizer.  A high fun-factor, unique and perfectly legal.  The ingredients applied are all 100% natural products produced under strict manufacturing conditions.

Available flavours:  Daydream, Focus, Relax, Relief, Drowsy & Sensual

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