New in Telos LED Grow Lights

Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Lights are designed to withstand harsh environments, has integrated advanced water, corrosion and UV protection.  For compliance with the latest safety and product reliability standards, each system incorporates proprietary Safe Extra Low Voltage (SELV) technology.  This combined with the latest Osram LED’s, offers consistent light output over 85,000 hours (L80).


  • Passive cooling use up to 40c
  • Waterproof, Corrosion & UV protected
  • 85,000 hour product life
  • Refractive optical design
  • Upgradable LED modular design
  • Safety extra low voltage
  • 285 w power consumption
  • PPF 2.5
  • CRI 87 colour rendering
  • 3160K Colour temperature